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Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coaching

Careyann Zivich is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the world's largest nutrition school. Her unique approach explores all aspects of your being - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, and integrates it all together into a health coaching process tailored to your specific needs.  Careyann's process is based off of her own path to healing along with her intuition and education as a guide to coaching you on your journey back to optimal health.  Her life experiences gave her a unique perspective on life and enable her to help guide you through your own journey on a deeper level.

Careyann reversed all of her health issues including 20 years of fibromyalgia symptoms, mold toxicity, LYME symptoms, chronic fatigue, COPD symptoms, neurological issues, and would become barely functional after any type of physical exertion or stress for 7 years after. She was able to navigate her way out of all of her health issues utilizing various therapies and lifestyle changes. Her mission in life is to help others find their way back to optimal health, educating them on how to take back the key to their health and wellness.