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Yoni Steaming

Female Detoxification Therapy

 Yoni Steaming  is a form of hydrotherapy and detoxification for the Yoni (Womb/Vagina). Yoni Steaming is a natural and gentle method of maintaining womb wellness and balance and has been historically used to cleanse the uterus, release toxins, strengthen and tone the reproductive organs, especially beneficial after child birth. It is a tradition that has been handed down through many generations. Hippocrates taught about Yoni Steams in ancient Greece where it was recorded in the worlds’ first medical texts. It was also written about by the ancient Mayan culture half a world away from Hippocrates! The technique of Yoni Steaming has since spread worldwide and has been found in literature throughout Africa, Spain, the Caribbean, Korea and other parts of Asia. Organic herbal infusions penetrate the vaginal canal and uterus via warm steam. You will be draped in beautifully patterned robes for the full 40 minute duration of the steaming session as you sit on the steaming stool.

Benefits of Yoni Steaming:

* Creates deep relaxation, helping to release stress and tension
* Meditative
* Balances the Chakras
* Heals the Womb Space After Birth
* Releases Trauma
* Increased Energy and Fatigue Reduction
* Strengthens the Uterus
* Tones the Vagina
* Prevents infections
* Relief of Abdominal Bloating
* Relief of Hemorrhoids, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, yeast infections, or UTIs
* Reduces Menstrual Symptoms
* Increases Fertility, Pleasure of Orgasms, and Libido
* Helps the Transition into Menopause

Using organic herbs to cleanse the uterus, this therapy releases toxins and strengthens and tones the reproductive organs. Green Lotus' Yoni Steam can be customized to meet the needs of each client while immersed in a relaxing, full sensory experience. Allow this time for self-care to focus on your breath, set intentions and honor your inner guidance. 
A Yoni Steam works by steeping herbs in a pot of hot water for approximately 40 minutes, allowing the nourishing properties of the natural oils to be released. It is important to note that essential oils are too concentrated to use in a Yoni Steam, which is why we use the whole herb, as it releases the perfect ratio of nourishing compounds. It is also important to use filtered or natural spring water as tap water contains many harsh chemicals. You sit in a quiet space with lighted candles and gentle music.  It relaxes your nervous system, improves concentration and stimulates circulation. It also helps to achieve balance and keep you grounded. You may cry tears of joy as you find yourself again, or perhaps tears of sadness as you release the emotions of your past. The experience varies for each woman but the results are always profound!

Yoni Steaming is not recommended if you have a marina, other forms of contraceptive implants, a prolapsed ring, internal swelling, while you have your menses, while you are pregnant, or after possible conception if you are trying to conceive a baby. It is recommended for maintenance to do a steam once a month, a few days prior to menses. If you have reproductive health challenges, it may be worthwhile to do a steam once a week until you return to a regular cycle.

Initial Session: (60-75 min) $115
(includes consultation + 45 min steam)

Follow Up Sessions: (45min-1hr)
One Session - $85
Three Session Package - $225

Yoni Steam Herb Guide Selection :
Aloe Vera: tightens tissues, soothing, tissue regeneration, moisturizing, regulates hormones, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, regulates menstrual flow, soothes menstrual cramp pains

Basil: induces menstruation, reduces menstrual cramps, anti-bacterial, spiritually cleansing

Bee Products; Royal Jelly, Propolis, Pollen: increase fertility, nutritious, mineral rich, immune boosting, anti-bacterial

Black Cohosh: pain relief, menstrual cramping, reduce uterine sensitivity, uterine tonic, stimulates absent menstruation, relaxing, may cause miscarriage, must not be used long term for more than 6 months

Black Haw Bark: muscle relaxing, reduces menstrual cramps, prevents miscarriage, increase circulation, tone uterus

Burdock: anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, regulate menstrual cycle, stimulate and strengthen uterus, traditional herb for prolapse, heals acne and razorburn, cleanses blood and detoxes, cool hot flashes

Calendula/Marigold: cleanses, induces tissue perspiration, heals irritated skin & scars, activates lymph glands, reduces inflammation, astringent, anti-fungal, treats minor wounds, treats yeast infections, treats & comforts minor skin infections, heals scar tissue

Chamomile: relaxes & calms, soothes tissues, increases fertility, reduces inflammation, supports post-partum, supports menopausal and post menopausal symptoms, reduces menstrual cramps, oviarian tonic & supports digestive health

Cinnamon: reduce heavy flow, reduce cramping, regulates menstrual cycle, increase circulation

Comfrey Leaf: pain relief, long term use may cause liver damage

Damiana: regulates menstrual cycle, stimulates nervous system, reduces depression & anxiety, increases libido, & treats loss of libido due to sexual trauma

Dandelion: anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, reduces menstrual cramps, relaxes uterus, reduce bloating and water retention, soothe swollen breasts, aids digestion, calms anxiety

Dong Quai Root: increases fertility, detoxes blood, reduces menstrual cramps, balances hormones, treats menopausal symptoms, reduces infllammation, strengthens uterus, stimulates delayed or absent menstruation, increase flow, may cause miscarriage

Fenugreek Seeds: increase breast milk production, increase breast size due to hormonal balancing, balance hormones, nutrient rich, pain relief, reduce hot flashes, regulate menstrual cycle, stimulate uterine contractions during birth, aid digestion, supress appetite

Garlic: anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-odor, reduce cramping

Ginger: nourishing, reduces spotting during flow, reduces cramps, reduces heavy menstrual flow, regulate irregular cycles

Hibiscus: supports uterus and ovaries, reduces menstrual cramps, anti-spasmodic, reduces mood swings and depression, regulate menstrual cycle, stumulates uterine contractions and may cause miscarriage

Jasmine: reduce menstrual cramps, regulate cycle, sedative, anti-depressant, increase libido, aid post -partum depression

Juniper: anti-inflammatory, stimulate uterus, stimulate menstruation, increase menstrual flow, may cause miscarriage, should not be used long term

Lavender: relaxes & calms, anti-spasmodic, anti-septic, reduces inflammation, supports nervous system, soothes irritated tissues, promotes deep restful sleep, heals scar tissue

Maca Root: balance hormones, nourishes endocrine system (pituitary, adrenal, and thyroid glands), increase in libido, increase fertility, reduce hot flashes, menopause

Marshmallow Root: uterine health, ovarian conditions, vaginal dryness, reduces menstrual cramping, anti-inflammatory

Motherwort: tones the reproductive system, increases circulation, balances hormones, post-partum support, menopausal & post-menopausal support, reduces menstrual cramps, increases menstrual flow, increases fertility, ovarian tonic

Mugwort: physically & spiritually cleanses, balances hormones, induces menstruation, increases circulation, cleanses old lining buildup, increases fertility, antiseptic, & supports digestive system

Nettle: supports uterus and ovaries, reduces heavy flow, promotes cleansing of the kidneys, cleanses liver, enriches blood and addresses anemia, supports bladder, may cause miscarriage

Oregano: induces menstruation, stimulates uterus, increases menstrual flow, anti-septic, increases menstrual flow, post-partum support, menopausal and post-menopausal support, cleanses, treats bladder and vaginal infections, ovarian tonic, & increases fertility

Pagoda/Sophorae Flower: reduce excessive heavy bleeding, hemorrhoids, insomnia, support healthy urinary tract

Partridgeberry/Squaw Vine: increase libido, uterine tonic, prevents miscarriage, reduces heavy bleeding, treats urinary tract infections, reduces menstrual cramping, relieves congestion of the uterus & ovaries, anti-septic, prolonged use may stress liver

Peppermint: tone vaginal tissues, reduce menstrual cramps, soothe headaches, soothe nausea

Plaintain Leaf: balance hormones, ease menstrual and menopausal symptoms, reduce hotflashes, reduce mood swings, detoxes heavy metals, reduce heavy flow

Raspberry Leaf: uterine tonic, astringent, nourishes, reduces heavy bleeding, strengthens uterine lining, legthens luteal phase to increase conception, reduces menstrual cramps, improves spotty flow, stimulates late or absent flow

Red Clover: balances hormones, increases fertility, promotes healthy egg and follicle production, increases blood flow, nourishes, detoxes blood & body, increases cervical mucous, reduces menstrual cramps, supports kidneys

Rosehip: supports uterus and ovaries, regulates menstrual flow, reduces cramps, detox blood and lymph glands, supports breast health

Rosemary: increases circulation, cleanses out accumulated toxins, anti-septic, treats post-partum symptoms, supports menopause and post menopause, uterine tonic, increases menstrual flow, increases fertility, ovarian tonic

Rose Petals: relaxing & uplifting, increases fertility, reduces menstrual cramps, astringent, increases self love, releases blocked energy & emotions, nervous system tonic, supports digestive system, ovarian tonic, reduces uterine hemorrhage, nourishes

Sage: astringent, spiritually cleanses, releases emotional & energetic blockages such as trauma & depression

Seamoss: increase vaginal moisture, cool hot flashes, increase libido, increase energy, nutrient rich, detoxifying

Salts, natural & unprocessed: anti-bacterial, mineral rich; himalayan, sea, french gray sea, red hawaiian sea, black hawaiian sea, dead sea, etc

Slippery Elm: increase vaginal moisture, reduce menstrual cramps, soothe skin irritation, nutritious

Thyme: reduces menstrual cramps, balances hormones, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, stimulate absent or light flow, may cause miscarriage

Turmeric: reduces menstrual cramps, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, reduces heavy flow, eases mood swings, induce absent menstruation, reduces mood swings, may cause miscarriage when used as a vaginal steam, avoid using while lactating, blood thinner, do not use if you have kidney stones

Verbena: fights yeast infections, reduces hot flashes, increase digestion, reduce anxiety, reduces menstrual cramps, astringent, strengthens kidneys and helps flush out stones, stimulates uterine contractions, encourages breast milk lactation

Wild Yam: balance hormones, stimulate healthy breast growth due to hormonal balance, improves spotty flow, reduce menstrual cramping, increase vaginal moisture, increase libido

Witch Hazel Leaves: anti-inflammatory, tightens vaginal tissues, reduces menstrual cramps, reduces heavy flow, may shorten or stop menstruation, tones uterus, treats hemorrhoids, treats bruising, slows non-menstrual bleeding

Yarrow: astringent, cleansing, anti-bacterial, treats infections, uterine tonic, increases fertility, ovarian tonic, treats bladder infections, treats scars

Yellow Dock: regulate menstrual cycle, reduce heavy bleeding, reduce menstrual cramping, increase fertility, do not take for prolonged periods of time

Yoni Steaming is not intended to treat or cure any illness, symptom, condition, or disease. Therapists of Green Lotus Wellness Center are not licensed medical professionals. The user accepts complete and sole responsibility for the results of their Yoni Steaming sessions.