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Detoxification Therapies

Purium 10-Day Cleanse
Purium 40-Day Cleanse
Ionic Foot Detox
Ear Candling
Female Detoxification

Purium 10-Day Cleanse

Take a 10-day vacation from processed foods! Cleanse your body from accumulated toxins and get a jump-start to your physical fitness; release weight, gain muscle and energy and feel better in your own skin and body. Utilizing low-calorie, nutrient-dense functional super-foods, these products will leave you feeling satisfied, while breaking you free from old dietary patterns. This complete, easy-to-follow program can change the trajectory of your gut health. 

  • Organic and Non-GMO
  • Aids the body in detoxification and cleansing of the digestive tract
  • Helps the body break the addiction to harmful foods
  • Burns fat and builds muscle  

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Purium 40-Day Athletic Performance Cleanse

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Ionic Foot Detox

Ear Candling

The process involves lighting a spiral candle at the wide end and fitting it snugly within the ear canal. The negative charge of the smoke seeks out positive-charged debris and toxins within the ear, which creates a polarity effect. The fire serves as the vacuum, drawing debris up into the candle.

Ear candling is indicated for:

* Ear Aches and Pressure
* Itching in the Ears
* Sinus Pressure Due to Allergies and Colds
* Headaches
* Limited Hearing Due to Wax Buildup
* Pain Relief From Post Dental Work and TMJ

Female Detoxification Therapy

Ancient Yoni Steaming (a.k.a. Vaginal Steaming, V-Steam, or Peri-Steam Hydrotherapy) is a form of hydrotherapy and detoxification for the Yoni (Womb/Vagina). Yoni is a Sanskrit word that translates to "Sacred Opening" or "Womb." Yoni Steaming is a natural and gentle method of maintaining womb wellness and balance and has been historically used to cleanse the uterus, release toxins, strengthen and tone the reproductive organs, especially beneficial after child birth. Continue Reading....


To learn about Phototherapy Click Here.

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